Vision UNLIMITED 2020: Educational Research at Western Sydney University

Download and read the booklet here: 20_VisionUnlimited2020_v5_FINAL_revised2_digital

The Centre for Educational Research at Western Sydney University continues to  conduct high quality and important research on a wide  range of educational issues. This has been a particularly  challenging year with the global pandemic necessitating  significant change in how we work and how we engage  with our research partners. Researchers in the Centre for  Educational Research have demonstrated great resilience  and persistence by redesigning research projects and  rethinking strategies for largely remote data collection  and dissemination. While the pandemic poses challenges  for conducting research, it also raises new educational  challenges requiring our attention, particularly in relation to  remote, blended and virtual learning spaces, and how these  may impact on diverse groups of learners.  

This year researchers at the Centre for Educational Research have been working with a range of  partners across our five key activity streams.  

In the Centre for Educational Research we endeavour to: 1. Innovate learning 

2. Empower educators 

3. Cultivate healthy learners 

4. Advocate for social justice and inclusion 

5. Evaluate educational initiatives 

Across these streams we are working with a wide range of  partners to achieve better educational outcomes regionally,  for the people of Western Sydney, as well as nationally and  internationally. The wide ranging research detailed in Vision  Unlimited: Educational Research @WSU 2020 speaks to the  deep expertise with the Centre for Educational Research  and our capacity to work productively with our significant  research partners. I hope you enjoy reading about our work  in 2020. We welcome new partnerships and new ways to  engage with our stakeholders to improve education for  all learners. 

Professor Kathryn Holmes 

Director, Centre for Educational Research 

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